Circle Auto Electric - New Orleans, LA.
Circle Auto Electric - New Orleans, LA.

Call Circle Auto Electric For Our Fall Maintenance Specials

  • Call us to scheule an appointment for your car and get Free transportation to the CBD!
  • 504-522-5419
  • Don't punish yourself driving around with the "Check Engine" light is on in your car. Let our technician diagnose the problem and provide you with a trustworthy solution.   We use the latest technology to help you travel in comfort.  Take advantage of our Fall Maintenance Special and travel in confidence. 
  • Ask about our  Gasoline Portable Generator Check-Up Special before the a storm arrives.  Don't wait until it's too late.   All makes and models welcome.  Call us at  504-522-5419 to set up an appointment.

Circle Auto Electric For The Professional Brake Service Your Car Needs

Your brakes are the first and most important safety feature of your car.  They are part of your auto's routine maintenance and should be checked regularly.  You use them every time you drive your car.  Stopping safely protects you and your loved ones.  Ask about our  Brake Service Special when performing other sheduled maintenance.  Call us at 504-522-5419 If your car shows any of these problem signs:

  • Your brake warning light is on
  • Your brakes grind or screech when pressed
  • Your brakes need too much foot pressure to stop.

General Maintenance And Repair Services

Today's modern automobile is just too complicated for the DIY mechanic to diagnose a problem or to track down a fault without the latest computer assisted equipment.  We have the technology and the experience to get you running again.  Call us at  504-522-5419 to set up an appointment.

Fuel System Optimization

Carberator or fuel-injectors.  We welcome both.  We have the know-how to get your car running and keep you on the move.  Your fuel system has to work effectively.  If not, you can end up paying for more than wasted gasoline!  Talk to us about our Performance Discount and let us show you how preventative  work now can pay off in the long run!  Call us at  504-522-5419 to set up an appointment.

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